The melanzane are coming…

So far about half a dozen at last count in the vegie patch. Every day I see them getting a little larger. I cannot wait to cook them and am trying to think of different recipes – eggplant parmigiana, crumbed slices fritte, melanzane involtini, stuffed eggplant, melanzane in passata

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6 responses to “The melanzane are coming…

  1. Awesome! I SO want a garden of my own! If I had I would only grow food things. 😀

    • I understand! 😀 I’d wanted one for ages and this is my first vegie garden. I hadn’t anticipated how just great it is to be able to pick something and eat it or cook with it straight away.

  2. frankieandgiuseppe

    Very jealous! Melanzane are just a distant memory for us now. Although I suppose we do have rape, broccoli and all the winter vegetables to get newly acquainted with. Happy cooking!

  3. Fabulous! My bragging is about the mandarin tree that I’ve nurtured back to health in my mother’s garden. Every June it’s bursting with fruit and I make mandarin marmalade. This year I outdid myself and made Mandarinetto liqueur. cheers

    • That sounds fantastic! I love the taste of mandarin. I grew up with a huge mandarin tree in the backyard that I loved to climb and have planted a tree here too, though it is still small. The very first tiny mandarin fruit is just forming. xx

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