Italian paper dolls…

I couldn’t resist this Italian paper doll book with regional costumes from all over Italy. Sofia and Ernesto are the names of the two paper dolls that come with it. I admit I haven’t come across paper dolls since playing with a 1960s set owned by one of my relatives a very long time ago in childhood. I think it was American and being from the sixties, the paper clothes it in were very groovy.

Italian paper dolls


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5 responses to “Italian paper dolls…

  1. Love it! I remember playing with a hand-me-down 1960s paper doll set when I was small too. Alas, it was probably given away to a school fete…

  2. I have a Norwegian paper dolls set of cards with each Norwegian region’s national costume on it. They are so special. I love the Italian ones also. I wonder if young girls still play with them given how technology pervades children’s lives in modern society?

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