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Sneak peek… next book

Sneak peek… the current title of the next book is, The Proxy Bride. It has ‘WT’ next to it at present that means ‘working title’ so the name may change before it’s published, but I’m sharing this with you anyway as it shows a little of what the book will be about.

It is a novel, inspired by true stories, and set between the 1940s and the 1980s in Italy and Australia. For now, I can only say there will be angry spaghetti, mixed grills, mixed tapes, Dean Martin on the 1950s stereogram and plastic on the lounge suite and above all, hopefully characters you may come to love who band together amid tough times for a new life.

With covid delays, publication will be later in 2022 and whenever I can tell you a little more of what is to come, I will. The plaited chillies hanging in the kitchen are on their way! Buona settimana!  💛🍝 Zoe x


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