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Summer flowering…

The elderly woman who lived here before me left behind a terracotta pot of crocus she’d planted. At the time, the plant just looked to me like thick grass, for I was very new to gardening then with much to learn (an ongoing process!)

Then in spring and summer, lovely pink crocus flowers appeared and it was such a delight, especially to someone with their first garden. For more than 25 years now, they’ve been happily flowering each year but were getting a bit snug in their terracotta pot.

With much trepidation, I moved them to a new home in the backyard garden bed a little while ago and it is such a relief to see them happily burst into flower once again. I still think of Joyce when I see them. 💗🌿

(PS. I’m hoping the little, yellow pollen footprints means that someone might’ve been visiting to collect it.) 🐝🦋

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With time…

A week ago, this was a scrawny,

three stalks of unopened buds

left at the supermarket that

no one seemed to want,

but today… 🤍💚


Hope you have a lovely Sunday. 😊 🌿


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Trees and memories…

On the kitchen table today while in lockdown… cypress cuttings from the backyard in a vase I brought back from beautiful Orvieto many years ago. (And its potter’s mark.)

I don’t know if it’s just me or if anyone else names trees in their backyard but we call this cypress, ‘Annibale’, after Nonno Anni and it’s special to me because Mum gave it to us in a tiny pot to remember him when he died and not so long after, we lost her too, so this tree feels doubly special.

(Evergreen is a symbol of immortality and in ancient times the custom was to place fresh boughs to salute the departed and console the bereaved, such a lovely tradition, especially in winter when there were no flowers and the green lay stark against the snow.)

Fifteen years on, the cypress tree, ‘Annibale’ continues to thrive, is quite tall and burly (a bit like Nonno Anni was) and home to our lovely resident possum, Tabitha and a nest of honeyeater birds. (And its fronds have a lovely fresh scent on the kitchen table!) Hope you are keeping safe and well wherever you may be, in or out of lockdown. Zoe xx


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Bees and yellow petals…

I was so focused on the bee burrowing into the rose on the right, I didn’t realise I’d captured the bee in flight to the left. Such a lovely surprise! Hope your week brings you some little bit of unexpected luck and gladness no matter how small it might be. 💛

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Hotel open for bees…

Bee hotels… and also ladybirds, lacewings and other garden friends.


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