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Summer flowering…

The elderly woman who lived here before me left behind a terracotta pot of crocus she’d planted. At the time, the plant just looked to me like thick grass, for I was very new to gardening then with much to learn (an ongoing process!)

Then in spring and summer, lovely pink crocus flowers appeared and it was such a delight, especially to someone with their first garden. For more than 25 years now, they’ve been happily flowering each year but were getting a bit snug in their terracotta pot.

With much trepidation, I moved them to a new home in the backyard garden bed a little while ago and it is such a relief to see them happily burst into flower once again. I still think of Joyce when I see them. 💗🌿

(PS. I’m hoping the little, yellow pollen footprints means that someone might’ve been visiting to collect it.) 🐝🦋

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