a basil forest…

Amazing how a much longed-for pour of rain a few days ago has brought about a basil forest in the vegie patch! So, it’s all things basil for a bit with this beautiful harvest… homemade pizza with basil, tomato and mozzarella, basil pesto with orecchiette and crispy prosciutto, as well as bruschetta with basil, tomato and balsamic. (Any other ideas for basil are most welcome. As is a little more rain all round for everyone in Australia!) And I have to say that Costa Georgiadis’ gardening tip of pinching the tops off when harvesting basil is a great one. I reckon it has quadrupled the crop. 🌿  


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6 responses to “a basil forest…

  1. Ian Rowland

    Many people totally dislike the choko, which grows wild along fences in our suburbs. To change their minds, slice the choko into eights and place in a microwave dish with water and chopped fresh basil and cook for a couple of minutes. Delicious when served with a stew etc!

    • Thanks, Ian, that certainly sounds different, although I confess I don’t own a microwave so perhaps some time in the oven instead. I remember my Australian grandmother telling me her mother used to substitute choko for cooked pears when there were shortages during the war. Thanks for the suggestion! Zoe xx

      • ian rowland

        I remember the old choko/pears trick. For a while a rumour persisted among teenager that Maccas apple pies were filled with choko but that is doubtful.
        If you don’t have microwave (hew do you mamage!) you can boil choko with basil on the stove but the microwave* works much better. *I saw the first microwave in Queensland demonstrated in a TV station where i was working in about 1968. The demonstrator said they were waiting for scare campaign abouit how they radiated the user etc. He likened it to Edison and his first light bulbs. The press (no Tv or radio then) was flooded by stoies about how the new bulbs would burn out children’s eyes, burn down houses etc. It took a while for the media to tumble to the fact these were stories planted by the gas companies who Edison was putting them and their gas lights out of business!

  2. Thank you so much for your basil ideas, Zoe. My basil is the best it has ever been so, yes, it only takes some rain no matter how much water you give it yourself

    I made the pesto orecchiette with prosciutto last night ….. yuuummm!!

    Love your blog🤗 Susan

    • Hi Susan, lovely to hear from you, thank you. Yes, my basil’s the best it has ever been too, rain certainly beats tap water! Great to hear you enjoyed the pesto orecchiette. I must confess the crispy prosciutto element came about by having some leftover I wanted to use up but it ended up being a happy unplanned extra! Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated! Warm wishes, Zoe xx

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