Window light….

Fossa windowThis window in the small house in Italy, that has sheltered different generations of my family for centuries, is my favourite. It is the tiniest and gives a view out over the village of Fossa like peering from a cubby house. I also love that it shows how thick the stone walls are.

Currently, the house still stands uninhabited and damaged as it was from the day of the earthquake back in 2009 but the good news is, after a long wait, it seems several villagers are now in the process of their houses starting to be repaired.


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  1. Lovely finestrina! I hope your little casa gets some TLC soon so you can go back again! ciao, Cristina

  2. Kerri

    Oh Zoe, such a wonderful book … I have just finished listening to the cd version of your book I borrowed from the library. I just had to look at the pictures of Fossa. Good luck with your quest to re-build I hope it goes well for you. I was a young one growing up in the 70’s who went to a catholic school here in Adelaide and I befriended many Italian girls and boys. My mother was Scottish and we took our new Australian friends who immigrated under our wing. Mrs Elvira who lived down the street with her husband Ottavio and children Lorretta and Gino. My mother taught her everything and she was the only Italian who spoke Australian with a Scottish accent… hilarious!.. anyway thank you again.. I enjoyed your book. Oh I went to Italy a couple of years ago on a Trafalga tour… I love it!
    Kerri x

    • Hello Kerri,
      Thank you for your lovely words! It’s wonderful to hear how the story resonated with you, especially with your own connections when you were growing up. And yes, it is interesting how we take on the accents of those who teach us another language! When you mentioned listening to the audio version of the book, I’m guessing you may be referring to Mezza Italiana. I’m not sure if you may be aware but since it’s publication there has been another book, Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar, which you may also enjoy as it too contains my family stories from both Italy and Australia. Again, it was really lovely to hear how you related to the book.
      Many thanks, Zoe xx

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