Backyard harvest…

grape harvestFrom the Isabella vine that grows over the pergola, some of the grapes harvested this year (in one of Nanna Francesca’s salad bowls circa 1960s/70s.) Each year the grapevine yields enough to make about half a dozen bottles of wine…a modest, homemade vintage but a tiny bit of Italy in an Australian suburban backyard.


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7 responses to “Backyard harvest…

  1. I have probably the same amount growing on my old laden vines, feel free to harvest them all and you could make a full dozen! Not sure of varity but they are sweet, red and seeded.

  2. Wow! That looks impressive!

  3. Beautiful! We have a vine that is supposed to be a wine variety of a slip grape and it is so delicious we just keep eating them. One year I may try some wine, the grape has an almost passionfruit flavour to it. How lucky to have that beautiful bowl.

    • Thank you! Yes, I treasure the bowl as both my grandmother and mother had it before me – smiling. Wine grapes can be very sweet and therefore mostly lovely to eat so I can understand your doing so!

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