Grandmother memories ~ memorie nonna…

Francesca at parkToday, my Italian grandmother, Francesca, would have been 90 years old. This is one of my favourite photographs of her, taken with friends in the Botanic Gardens circa 1950s.

Although it has been some years now that Nanna Francesca has been gone, for me she lives on in memories of our cooking, shopping and going to the ‘picture theatre’ together, and every time I put one of her tablecloths on the table or there is simmering ‘pasta gravy’, made just like hers, on the stove.

Con amore, molte grazie e auguri, cara Nonna Francesca. xxx


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5 responses to “Grandmother memories ~ memorie nonna…

  1. She looks beautiful, what a lovely tribute. I never knew my Nonni, they died in Italy before I was born.

  2. Bella foto! I didn’t have the opportunity to know my Nonni very well since we only went to Italia every 4 or 5 years when I was growing up. My nipotini have a wonderful relationship with their Nonni. I almost feel like I know Nonna Francesca after reading your book, although in my mind I pictured her as Sofia from the Golden Girls!

    • Thanks Cristina, I bet you and your Nonni must have looked forward to those visits very much! Not so sure about the Golden Girls reference though as I can’t say that character feels too similar for me – smiling.

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