Eggplant harvest…

Eggplant harvestThe two eggplant bushes must be very happy in their spots in the vegie patch (despite their relative lack of attention!) Picked these three beauties this morning and there are many more growing. Looks like it will be eggplant parmigiana cooking in our house this weekend. Might also grill some sliced melanzane on the barbecue and bottle it in olive oil too…


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8 responses to “Eggplant harvest…

  1. That sounds lovely- I was actually given a couple of these this week and I’m still deciding how to use them. I haven’t got hold of your latest book yet, but I am looking forward to reading it when I finally do.

  2. Beautiful! Enjoy the parmigiana 🙂

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  4. lizzygoodthings

    Nothing quite as lovely as home grown eggplant xxx

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