From that first trip to Fossa…

With Nanna Francesca and Nonno Anni outside the family house in Fossa when I arrived there for the first time all those years ago (bearing in mind by then I’d been travelling and living out of a backpack for several months!!)

Little did I know how much this first trip to see where in Italy my family came from would come to have such an effect, and when this was taken I certainly didn’t imagine that Mezza and Joe’s would follow. Have just completed work on the next book (fingers crossed!) and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for joining me here along the way. It’s so lovely to have your support and to know you a little through your messages. Thank you!! Xx


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8 responses to “From that first trip to Fossa…

  1. touchwooddesign

    So great you had that opportunity Zoe!

  2. Lydia Kinda

    Great to hear there is a new book coming. Look forward to it.

  3. augudm

    Hi! Zoe.

    That first trip to Fossa was magic.
    How wonderful to see 3 generations photographed right here on spot were it all began.
    Zoe, you were so young and youthful then.
    A perfect picture for the nonni’s and grandaughter to enjoy the moment.

    Always a pleasure, un abbraccio.

    • Ciao Augusto,
      Yes, there is certainly some magic in that first trip back to the village where so many of your ancestors were from. I felt it almost at once and wasn’t expecting it! I have to laugh… yes, so young back then – more than 20 years ago now! (Don’t worry, you are not the first to remark on this!) I do feel so very grateful to have had this brief opportunity to be back in the village at the same time that my grandparents happened to be there too, but if only we had had longer!
      Tante belle cose,
      Zoe xx

  4. Rowena Wichman

    Great to see the photo Zoe. Am really looking forward to your new book, I have re read the other two more times than I can remember, and you know what, I never tired of the stories. You have a great writing style. Best Wishes Rowena

    • Hi Rowena, lovely to hear from you again. Thank you very much for your kind words. It is wonderful to know what those stories mean to you. In a way, they live on every time you read them so thank you for bringing them to life as you do! And best wishes for the coming year and your trip to Italy! Warm regards, Zoe xx

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