an edible bouquet…

il bouquet perfetto for Valentine’s Day
that by evening may become
dinner for two.

Recipe for carciofi alla romana…

Take four fresh artichokes.
Peel the tough outer leaves and remove the choke,
then trim the stem to about six centimetres.

Immerse in hot olive oil until golden brown and crisp.
{The artichoke will open like a flower.}
Serve piping hot, seasoned with salt and pepper.

On the side of the plate add a dollop of mascarpone
mixed with some lemon zest and
a couple of lemon wedges to squeeze over the carciofi.

Buon San Valentino!


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2 responses to “an edible bouquet…

  1. Have never tried carciofi like this. I usually do mine stuffed and then cooked with braised peas, but this sounds delicious. Just finished reading ‘Mezza Italiana’ and really enjoyed it Zoe. The parts about the earthquake were heartbreaking and you paint a vivid picture of what the aftermath must have been like. Congratulations.

    • Grazie mille, Ambra. Unfortunately most of the village including the family house remains damaged as it was the day of the earthquake. I really feel for the villagers still living in temporary housing now nearly four years on. There remains hope that in the future this will change but many factors to overcome in the meantime.
      PS Carciofi this way is a little decadent but delicious for something different. Z x

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