Extract in the Australian Women’s Weekly…

The Australian Women’s Weekly has chosen, The Proxy Bride to feature in their latest issue – out today! I just picked up a copy and still can’t quite believe it. I thought it only fitting to share with you it sitting on Nanna Francesca and Nonno Anni’s pink-marble Laminex 1950s kitchen table. (The table from their very first house in Wyandra Street – yes, I’m so fortunate to be its current custodian!)

In almost 30 years of writing for all different organisations and publications from academic journals to tv ads, I didn’t expect to have something I’d written featured in such a long-loved institution as the Women’s Weekly. I have to smile as I think this is the one that definitely would’ve resonated for Nanna Francesca compared to all the others. And considering all those years ago her birthplace of Palmi in Calabria was unheard of in Australia – who’d have thought it would ever appear in the Women’s Weekly let alone my writing along with it! Deepest thanks to the AWW for choosing an extract of The Proxy Bride for their December issue. (Nanna Francesca especially would’ve been so happy too!) Zoë xx

The Proxy Bride


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10 responses to “Extract in the Australian Women’s Weekly…

  1. Congratulations Zoe! Nanna Francesca would be very proud!

  2. Irene Borg

    I have just finished reading Proxy Brides and it is a fantastic read. Thank you Zoe, you really bring your characters to life.

  3. Marina Boccabella-Incletolli

    Well done Zoe keeping the traditions alive.

  4. Jan Antony

    Congrats on The Proxy Bride featuring in The Women’s Weekly. Well done Zoe

  5. Rosemary PENNISI

    Hi Zoe congratulations. I have just received my book and looking forward to reading it.

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