the “good” cabinet….

The “good” cabinet – filled with items only to be used for special guests, certainly never for family. These were Nanna Francesca’s modest, glass-fronted cabinets of hi-ball glasses, espresso cups, coffee pots and bonbonniere of figurines and sugared almonds (left) in the late 60s and (right) in the early 70s with me, Mum and Nanna Francesca (same Christmas tree).

By then, my grandparents had an additional “good” cabinet and covered the VJ walls of their Queenslander house in fibro sheets painted with white, high-gloss for a “fresh, clean look” (p.6 Mezza Italiana).

And yes, this was the era of the plastic hallway runner over the carpet. What I’d give to be able to see it all again! The cabinets themselves were lost in Brisbane’s 2011 flood but below right are some items from them I managed to salvage beforehand (they don’t look Italian at all?!!) haha. And the same clock now sits in my living room. Something nice about seeing it each day knowing it was in my grandparents’ living room all those years.


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4 responses to “the “good” cabinet….

  1. Laurell Brown

    This brought back memories for me too. I now have my mum’s china cabinet here in Tasmania with salvaged crockery & glass wear. Coveted by her only child when she went into a nursing home. In this modern age of simplicity I wonder if any of my 4 children or 6 gr children will do the same?

    • Hi Laurell, that’s lovely to hear not only that you have your Mum’s china cabinet but that you coveted it and must much treasure it too. You know, when I was younger it took me a long time to appreciate such treasures of my older relatives but to me now they are so much more precious than modern minimalist (but that’s just me!) Zoe xx 🙂

  2. touchwooddesign

    Lovely story! I’m very familiar with the concept of the “good cabinet” too 🙂

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