Fossa’s village doors…

Walking around Fossa, along lanes that become so steep and narrow they merge into steps or descend into tunnels, I began to notice all the different doors I passed. Some with stylised, door furniture of lion heads or dragons and beautifully varnished wood, others crude, weathered timber, or painted mission brown.

Several were fastened with long, draw bolts that looked like from another era, stable doors with cobwebby corners, cat holes cut into the bottom by kind residents looking after the village cats. A few of Fossa’s resident animals managed to get into some of my photographs. I took these in the village four years before the earthquake. Perhaps one of the doors you may recognise as yours! xx


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2 responses to “Fossa’s village doors…

  1. Augusto Di Marco

    H! I Zoe, Augusto the Fossolano is here.
    Again you never stop to amaze me, very observant to the smallest detail of good old Fossa. Yes you’re right again, some of
    those doors stood the test of time, some remained the same as when I was a child, 80 odd years ago and beyond.
    And the square cut on some of them? It is called “VATAROLE” the purpose of it? youre right again, to let in-out chickens,
    rabbits and of course, cats.
    Stories like this brigs memories back, I thank you very much for it

    Talk to you soon,take care.❤️❤️

    • Hi Augusto, lovely to hear that you enjoyed seeing some of Fossa’s doors. I hadn’t heard the term ‘vatarole’ before and couldn’t see it in the dictionary. I wonder if perhaps if might be from dialect. Great to hear your insights on Fossa too. Best wishes, Zoe xx

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