Books update…

Mezza Italiana and Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar are both now in bookshops in Italy!

It is such a thrill, especially to think back to when I first started writing Mezza in a notebook on the kitchen table in the Abruzzo house of my family. What might the generations who sat there before me have thought?!

Thank you to all of you who have shown such affection and support for these books (and to those who’ve messaged me after spotting the books already in Milan and Florence!) I am very grateful! Tante belle cose, Zoe xx


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4 responses to “Books update…

  1. Lydia Kinda

    Well done Zoe, keep it up.

  2. augudm

    Hi! Zoe.

    Congratulation. This is a great achievement for you and your books that “ MEZZA ITALIANA & JOE’S FRUIT SHOP
    AND MILK BAR” are sold in Italy.
    Perhaps one day they might be transalated in Italian….
    —- Then two new books will be added to my book-case.

    Ciao Bella..Augusto.

    • Ciao Augusto,

      Thank you very much! I admit it was quite a thrill to find out they’d be available in Italy. Your lovely support is very much appreciated!

      Tante belle cose,
      Zoë xx

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