To come from what is left behind…

Bruno Catalano sculptureAs much as migrants love and embrace their new country, many cannot help but feel they’ve left a piece of themselves behind… and often those born in later generations still feel that bind as well.

This poignant sculpture at Marseilles is by Bruno Catalano, Moroccan-born in a Sicilian family who later moved to France. Being ten years old and watching from a boat his native land fade away had a profound impact that would stay with him throughout his life.




Bruno Catalano


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6 responses to “To come from what is left behind…

  1. That’s exactly it! So good, thank you.

  2. So true. We have a statue in Vancouver of a couple with a valigia and a little girl. My mamma says that was us. I’ll send you a photo of it when I get home. Ciao, Cristina

  3. Wow – incredible sculpture!

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