Mulberry pie for supper…

Mulberry pieOn a Sunday afternoon walk, we discovered mulberry trees growing wild along the creek and were not the only ones who picked the berries – the largest, plumpest and sweetest we’d come across in ages. Almost half an hour later the trees were still heavy with fruit, plenty left to share with others, the birds and flying foxes. That night Roger made mulberry pie with crumbly, buttery shortcrust pastry for supper. A little bit of ‘Sunday afternoon’ to last throughout the week…


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4 responses to “Mulberry pie for supper…

  1. Oh I am so happy you get to indulge so much. I really struggle getting anything from my huge mulberry tree. Between birds pilfering and fruit dropping before quite ripe I just seem to miss out all the time. Very frustrating indeed.

    • I know what you mean. We have a mulberry tree at home but we can never get enough mulberries from it to make a pie like we can pick from the mulberry trees growing wild along the creek bank.

  2. Looks delicious! We had a very large mulberry tree on the farm until it got struck by lightning a few years ago so I’m very familiar with the delights of mulberry pie and mulberry jam!

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