Coffee beans drying in the sun…

Next step in the coffee process – the beans (or seeds) from inside the coffee cherries have been washed and are now drying.


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2 responses to “Coffee beans drying in the sun…

  1. Lydia Kinda

    I love your photographs and blog, I was intrigued in reading your book “Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar” to see if you had a website, and I love it. I picked this group of photos to comment on as I haven’t seen coffee beans like this since I travelled in Laos. I didn’t realise they grew in Australia. Bravo! I love your stories and the way you have framed them. I am challenged in my own writing. Thank you Lydia Kinda

    • Hello Lydia, thank you for seeking me out. It is really lovely to hear that you enjoyed reading, Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar and also that you’ve enjoyed looking at the website too. Actually, the coffee tree in the backyard is currently laden with coffee cherries ready for picking so we will soon be starting the process for the next batch to ready them for roasting. The tree is an offshoot from what was Nonno Anni’s original coffee tree in his backyard so it is nice to have that connection. Best wishes, Zoe x

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