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lucchetti dell’amore…

Some years ago, I walked with Roger along the Via dell’Amore, the ‘path of love’ on Italy’s famous Cinque Terre coastline. I think we had a bit of an argument along the way, 😄 though we got over it pretty swiftly. (Anyone who’s spent months travelling amid its ups and downs may recognise how this can happen in even the loveliest spots!)

On this walk, I first came across the ‘locks of love’, lucchetti dell’amore – where lovers attach padlocks to railings then throw away the key to show their lasting love. My hurried photo back then makes the locks perhaps look more like barnacles, but it’s also lovely to think of all the hearts entwined in so many locks at that time they were attached.

Placing these ‘love locks’ are one of the more recent traditions for Valentino’s day with its Italian origins that go back thousands of years in many guises from pagan fertility rites, the Romans’ honouring Juno, a Christian saint’s day, to a day of love.

To me, this ‘day of love’ encompasses many different relationships and people in our lives, those long gone, beloved pets, a pastime, a food, a place, a tree – all elements that matter very much. So whatever your love may be – Buon Valentino! Zoe xx

PS I just found out the Via dell’Amore is currently closed due to a landslide and won’t be open again until sometime next year – it seems the ‘Path of Love’ can indeed be rocky but hopefully in time, it will be okay again! 💕


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