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The Proxy Bride book launch…

Thank you all of you who came along to join me last night in toasting the women who were proxy brides! And also those who wanted to be there and sent me the loveliest messages. I’ve been told more than a hundred turned up to celebrate and am still feeling amazed and overwhelmed to be honest! I wish I could’ve chatted to each of you for longer – it was such a busy night! And I’m stunned to learn the books all sold out, I’m sorry if you missed out on a copy on the night. More people were there than the bookshop expected!

Thanks to those who sent me some photos. I’m told it was difficult to capture everyone who came along but some of you may find yourselves pictured here. I can’t bear seeing myself in photos so I empathise if anyone else feels the same! I also included the beautiful flowers from my husband, Roger and also my publisher, Rachael Donovan as the bunches were both so stunning and unexpected.

I hope the food was delicious (I didn’t get a moment to grab a morsel but I’m happy to hear it disappeared so it must’ve been good!) and the bar was almost drunk dry so I’m hoping too that means everyone had a wonderful time. I heard one fellow singing Volare along with Livio playing the piano accordion at one stage and like the lyrics to that song, the night seemed to really fly! Thanks again for all your warmth and support for the books. Zoe 💕 xx


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