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‘Rain bomb’ 2022…

An unexpected rain event has been unfolding in south-east Queensland. What is being described as a ‘rain bomb’ sat above for days and I happen to live in a suburb where it hovered overhead the longest. We have had non-stop torrential rain and received more than a metre of rain (a staggering 1050+mls in our rain gauge). The most we’ve ever had and I’ve lived in Brisbane close to 50 years.

It breaks my heart to see this happening again so soon after the 2011 floods with people, animals and nature currently being affected by flooding. Those familiar with Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar will know I wrote about the 2011 floods when we were racing to save belongings from my grandparents’ house as the waters rose, and I must admit it is bringing back very strong memories. We expect big floods in this area every few decades, but certainly not so soon in succession. I’m so proud of how we all handle natural disasters but it feels we’re really being tested at present. Please keep safe everyone. 💙 xx

Pictured… the currawong family who visit daily,
sheltering on the verandah as the rain pelted down.

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