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Speranza e pace…

Clockwise from top left… folk painting, ‘A Dove Has Spread Her Wings and Asks for Peace’, 1982 by Ukrainian artist, Mariya Prymachenko (1909-1997).
A southern Italian tradition this time of year of putting in the window a handmade figure of a woman with fruit, feathers and spinning tools to represent transformation and encourage perseverance until the full arrival of spring.
Beautiful eggshells intricately hand-carved by Tasmanian artist, Bryan Wickens, a Vietnam war veteran who finds peace and distraction from bad war memories by carving eggs, that happen to symbolise new life.
An Italian Colomba cake, baked in a dove-shape (and me! – from a previous magazine article about different Easter traditions).
And finally, bottom left, a Pizza di Pasqua, the Abruzzese saffron, bread-cake, the type Granny Maddalena was making when 15-year-old Nonno Anni happened to be leaving Italy for Australia on Good Friday of all days – the two of them not knowing when, or if, they’d see each other again.
Some days, especially festive ones, times can seem hard but all around, in our traditions, our art, our cooking, it seems there is always hope and always hope for peace. Wishing you all much of both this Easter – whatever your beliefs may be. Tanti bei auguri! ❤️ Zoe x

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