a dove has spread her wings…

Last Friday, I discovered this beautiful artwork by Ukrainian artist, Mariya Prymachenko (1909-1997) titled, ‘A Dove Has Spread Her Wings and Asks for Peace’, 1982. I’ve just found out that on Sunday, invading Russian forces burned down the museum that was home to dozens of Mariya’s paintings.

Mariya was from a poor family and could only receive 4 years of schooling. She got polio as a child that left her with physical impairment. Unable to work in the fields she began to draw as she watched the geese. She and her partner Vasyl had a son but didn’t manage to get married before Vasyl was sent to fight in WW2 and was killed. Mariya kept on painting and became renowned for her work. Her son and two grandsons also became artists.

Mariya painted these paintings when she was in her 70s. This one is titled, ‘Our Army, Our Protectors’, 1978. I can’t tell you how distressed I feel at what is happening in Ukraine and other parts of the world where aggression and injustice is being put above people, animals, nature, art, music, culture, food, peace – everything that makes our world such a beautiful place.

I stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. May they continue to stand tall, bright and independent like the sunflowers that are their national flower.

(Following the destroying of the museum that contained Mariya’s artworks and many other important cultural items, Ukraine has called for UNESCO to strip Russia of its membership in its organisation.)

Голубка распустила крила, хоче на землі мира. 💛💙🌻


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4 responses to “a dove has spread her wings…

  1. Wow-in light of what is happening, these 2 images are particularly emotion inducing. Thank you for sharing them. I may have to ‘borrow’ them! Maria would be a good topic for International Women’s Day coming up soon. The whole world is outraged-let’s hope the dictator is stopped soon! Ciao, Cristina

    • Thank you, Cristina, I felt the same way when I saw them. By all means feel free to share them, the more people who know about Mariya’s art the better. What is happening in Ukraine and in other areas of unrest in the world is utterly devastating and completely senseless. Zoe xx

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