Sunflower light…

Gorgeous Sunday among the sunflowers… and an inspiring torta girandola, pinwheel tart, that shows how the Italian word for sunflower, girasole, also relates to girandola, a pinwheel or Catherine firework wheel. Love how nature so often shines through in Italian food like this torta and also girandole di carnevale fritte, pinwheel sweets. I also love how sunflowers have circadian rhythms, which mean their faces follow the sun from sunrise to sunset every day. And apart from that they are such joyful flowers that seem to pulsate light and happiness! 💛🌻

(The torta girandola has a filling of ricotta and spinach/ wild greens and the girandole di carnevale fritte are made to the same recipe as chiacchiere.)



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5 responses to “Sunflower light…

  1. Laurell Brown

    Thanks for the sunny sunflowers that make me smile. Happy Easter.

  2. Wow what a gorgeous tart! Now I have a new shape to try when I make crustoli/chiacchiere. Buona Pasqua 🐣

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