Old pictures and pikelets…

Nanna Francesca’s birth date is today, the 12th, though her birth certificate states February 19th due to its delayed lodging as her parents fought over naming her after their mothers. Tradition prevailed. She was named for her paternal Nonna in possibly the only argument won by the usually quiet, laid-back, Domenico over my grandmother’s maternal side, the indomitable Carrozza women (short, stout and strong).

This photograph was taken on Nanna Francesca’s birthday 40 years ago at my parents’ Red Hill house. It was the era when I’d often stay over at my grandparents’ place and Nanna Francesca took me to the ‘pictures’, as she called it, and afterwards lunch at the Coles cafeteria where I mostly had hot chips in a cardboard cup then pikelets. Of course, being a kid, I took it all for granted then, but am so grateful now to look back on those times and for the time she gave me.
Buon compleanno, Nanna Francesca. xxx


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4 responses to “Old pictures and pikelets…

  1. touchwooddesign

    Lovely memories! What a beautiful photograph!

  2. Augusto Di Marco

    Hi! Zoe.

    Awesome fotograph.
    Please keep these memories alive at all times.
    These Nonna’s Don’t last forever.
    Happy Birthday Nonna Francesca ❤️❤️


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