Old photographs and family stories…

Even though Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar is completed, it is a pleasure to keep hearing more stories from my older relatives who always seem to have a little more to reveal about this era of their lives.

Talking to my great uncle Vincenzo recently I found out the varieties of produce they grew on the family’s Applethorpe farm included Granny Smith and Delicious apples, Santa Rosa and Wilson plums, Packham pears and green beans, also known as French or string beans. And the beans were the easiest to pick come harvest time.

(My great-grandmother – back left – was in her 50s when this was taken and though having recently lost her husband was working hard to keep the farm going.)


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4 responses to “Old photographs and family stories…

  1. I wonder how many of my ancestors ate produce grown by your ancestors… I remember my grandparents used to buy apples by the boxful from Applethorpe and when we visited on Saturday afternoons I was allowed to have one red apple and I would sit in the umpire’s chair at the side of their tennis court to eat it!

    • What a wonderful thought! I think it would be absolutely possible and most likely one of those boxes were from my family’s Applethorpe orchards. Thank you for sharing this lovely memory with me. Zoe x

  2. Priscilla Ambrosini

    It was lovely to discover your site and see this photograph of our great-grandmother and her youngest daughter (my grandmother, on the far right) especially after hearing stories over Christmas of her working on the farm. Do you have many more photographs of them together, as I would love to have more images? Cilla x

    • Hi Cilla, lovely to hear from you. I do have a beautiful photograph of your grandmother. I will send it to the email address you provided. Hope that she and all the family are well. Warmest wishes, Zoe xx

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