The path toward a fresh year…

Verso FossaA new year stretches ahead and there is something thrilling and also sobering in not knowing where our paths may meander as the months unfold. Hope this year is a wonderful one for you that brings much happiness! I couldn’t go past this beautiful painting by L’Aquila artist, Juan Alfredo Parisse to begin the year. He painted it on the road below my family’s village of Fossa in the Aterno Valley of Abruzzo and it is called, Verso Fossa.


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6 responses to “The path toward a fresh year…

  1. A beautiful painting to start the year. What a good idea! Apt choice too, with the road towards Fossa disappearing around a bend, into the haziness. Love it, gave me food for thought. Happy New Year to you.

    • Thank you! I’m chuffed! Being familiar with your lovely art, trompe l’oeil and creative interiors that’s really great to know. {‘Felix Doesn’t Like Snow’ is a favourite by the way.} Buon Anno to you too!

  2. Antonina

    Very pretty. He has caught that Autumn rust colour of the woods.

  3. A very happy new year to you too Zoe!

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