New life between beautiful old walls…

Laidley old bakeryRecently, I have been travelling in southwest Queensland for research for the next book. In the main street of Laidley, I happened across this beautiful old building that was originally a bakery when it was built back in 1905. It is currently empty and seemed to be being renovated inside. Lovely how so many country towns value and utilise their historic buildings. Seeing the words ‘Soft Drinks’ in faded paint across the glass over the front entrance, I could not help imagining turning it into an old-style, 1950s milk bar…


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4 responses to “New life between beautiful old walls…

  1. Oh wow! How lovely would that be?!

  2. Renee

    My Nana worked as a pastry cook in this old bakery. I saw it today when I returned to Laidley for her brother’s funeral. As I am now a chef it’s tempting to leave the city life, take that lease and follow in Nana’s footsteps.

    • Hi Renee, thank you for letting me know that your Nana worked in this bakery, it’s wonderful to find out your connection with this building. Do you have a rough idea of when it was that she was there? I understand your temptation to take the lease and follow in her footsteps. If you do, please let me know as I would definitely be one of your first customers. Zoe x

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