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Western Creek Internment Camps

The Millmerran Historical Society have published a book, The Western Creek Internment Camps of World War II by Christine M. Turner. You may recognise Nonno Anni’s photographs that appear on the front cover! (And I’ve also written the Foreward in it.)

It seems so much has happened since I first went to Millmerran all those years ago seeking to find the internment camp Nonno Anni was taken to. Back then, only a handful of people knew about this hidden history. This new book even features a mud map to the hidden camp and I’m looking forward to going to see the memorial marker now in place there.

When I wrote about the secret camp in, Joe’s Fruit Shop and Milk Bar, I wasn’t sure what reaction to expect but all the people of Millmerran I’ve spoken to have been so wonderful in recognising and honouring this history, as well as finding out more, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Special mention to Cec Gibson who was the first to contact me out of the blue regarding it. So lovely that this long-hidden history is now being honoured further.

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