almost nine years on from the Abruzzo earthquake…

The original Fossa church, built early 1200s, Santa Maria ad Cryptas, damaged and braced when I saw it soon after the 2009 earthquake as aftershocks occurred. And on the right, undergoing restoration of 800-year-old, Gothic-Byzantine frescoes inside (photo courtesy Fossa Commune).

Religious depictions aside, it’s great how frescoes in this church also portray the pagan agrarian calendar and seasons important to a rural community while showing stories for those not fortunate to learn to read. Since the 14th century, the area has had at least seventeen earthquakes yet this little structure filled with art survives eight centuries so far.

Almost nine years on from the earthquake, rebuilding is a long time coming and many villagers, including my relatives, still reside in temporary housing. So it’s with much hope to learn of restorations starting to happen for various public structures as well as private dwellings in Fossa and other municipalities affected in the area. Fingers crossed it continues and gains momentum.


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4 responses to “almost nine years on from the Abruzzo earthquake…

  1. Zoe, I’m so glad to see this restoration. I will be visiting Italy this spring, but still can’t go to the L’Aquila area–too painful to see the damage still so obvious. May I share this post on my blog, The Italian South?

    • Hi Sandy, I do understand how you feel about seeing the earthquake damage, I find it quite emotional myself, but yes, great to see some restoration happening. You are most welcome to share this post. Tante belle cose, Zoe x

  2. Augusto Di Marco

    Hi Zoe

    Thank-you for posting another piece of Fossa’s history, the Church of “Santa Maria Ad Cryptas”.
    It’s such a shame that it takes so long to be rebuilt.
    Through your good work and love for the town, you are keeping Fossa on the map.

    Thank-you once again.
    Un saluto e un abbraccio,

    • Hi Augusto,

      I very much appreciate your words, thank you! Yes, the rebuilding is certainly a long time coming but so glad that there are restorations starting to happen in various parts of the village. Hopefully villagers may start returning to their homes in the not too distant future but it seems a very long and complex process.

      Zoe xx

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